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 Why choose the best Moving company
:Island Moving did everything from start to finish for our move - they  disassembled beds, etc, carefully packed and boxed up every room,  wrapped furniture, loaded the trucks, drove, unloaded, unpacked, set up  our furniture and even hung our family photos, so that we didn't have to  lift a finger.

Our extensive  network of Duncan, British Columbia Moving Companies provides you with  services that meet all your moving needs. We bring you the most  qualified Movers in Duncan, BC to help you carry out your move smoothly.  Through us you can contact the best Moving Company to match your plans.  We also provide you with various Moving Tips and help you choose. We  are the most reliable moving company in Duncan, British Columbia. We  offer a wide range of services on Local Moving, Long Distance Moving.

You can obtain Free Moving Quotes from the leading Moving Companies, and  Moving Services in Duncan, BC and compare them. Simply send us an email  islandmoving@shaw.ca to get Free Moving Quote to help you choose the best Moving Companies Duncan, British Columbia.

About Us


 Our goal is to make moving to Duncan, BC very simple for you. The way  we aim to do this is by offering more services than the average moving  company. Our services go beyond moving day. When you call us to help you  with your move, our Duncan movers will do much more than show up on moving day with a truck. We have Victoria BC movers that can assist you aswell. 


Our Duncan Movers Do the Moving in and around the valley

 We’re a full service moving company, we have movers in Duncan and our movers in Shawnigan Lake. we also have movers in Cobble Hill, BC as well as we do Moving in Victoria. When we are hired, we will show up on moving  day with at least two men. We will have moving equipment and  furniture pads to ensure your items are well protected as they leave  your home and go onto the truck. They will also be well protected during  transit. Regardless of where you’re moving from Duncan BC or moving to  Victoria, BC is very simple. Our Victoria or Duncan movers will drive  the distance to your new home. When we’re doing the driving, you have  the option of arriving to your new home in a way that is easy for you.  Moving to Duncan, BC means dealing with making your new house a home.  As our Victoria or Duncan movers start to bring everything into your  new home, make sure we know where everything is. If we know where the  master bedroom is, we will make sure all boxes labeled ‘master bedroom’  are brought there. By doing this extra bit, you can get situated in your  new home easier. When you’re moving to Victoria, BC, or Duncan, BC you want services  that help you. Let our movers show you what it means to get help so that  moving day is easy. 


Let Our Victoria or Duncan Movers Give You Some Extra Help

 Even before moving day, moving to or from Victoria, BC to Duncan,  BC can be a bit chaotic. Our Victoria or Duncan movers have been in the  industry for many years. We’ve encountered virtually every task involved  with moving, whether it’s locally or even internationally. Talk to us  and we’ll let you know how we can make moving easier for you.    Locally owned  operated since 1989. 2 decades speaks for itself.Fully trained professional staff.       Properly equipped propane & bio-diesel powered trucks.    Experienced piano moving.    Reliable and bondable for Corporate/Commercial moving.    5th wheel RV, Trailer, and Boat Hauling.    Professional packing of your entire house contents
so you don't have to lift a finger or pull a muscle!

Around town, up & down the Island, across British Columbia.  Households, home offices, banks, retail stores, government offices, boats,
5th wheels, trailers.... we have moved them ALL.

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(250) 383-5376 (Victoria BC)
(250) 743-3733 (Duncan / Mill Bay / Cowichan Valley BC)
Email: islandmoving@shaw.ca   

Our Community Work

 By Mike D'Amour
News Leader Pictorial
 Apr 07         Jeff Bird is a movin' man with strong arms and a heart of gold,  according to a group of mobile home owners who say they’re being forced  from a Shawnigan Lake park.

The owner of Island Moving said he heard the story about residents of 12  mobile homes being forced to vacate Bellendean Mobile Home Park. Bird  has offered to move one or all to any area in the Cowichan Valley - for  free. "I've been a resident of Shawnigan Lake for many years and am  feeling disgusted by what is happening," he said. "This is a devastating  blow to the community and the families who have invested their life  savings and now stand to lose their homes."

"I would really like to help out, so I'm extending an offer to these  mobile home residents for my company to move their belongings at no  charge if they're moving within the Valley." Bird said he knows some of  the residents in the park and that prompted the generous offer. "What an  awful thing to face," he said, adding many at the park  will still have a mortgage and no place to live." "I feel bad for these  people, some who seem to be down and out - how can they possibly afford  to go somewhere else?"

That's a question being asked by many in the park who said they think  the landlord wants to get rid of people from the park in order to build  on the land. All residents were given 12 months notice to move in  February from the property which is already zoned as residential. "That  tells me (the owner) wants to build a house or subdivide the property  for condos or something," said Eula Sagaskie, a 10-year resident of the  park who shares a home with her cancer-stricken hubby, Peter. The  landowner, Sylvan Carle, could not be reached for comment Thursday. He  is within his rights to give the eviction notices, but according to a  law that's been in place since 2006 he must also pay each homeowner the  equivalent of 12 months pad rentals. Residents say they have not  received that yet. They have hired a lawyer and said they're hoping he  can arrange to have the rent monies put into a trust until that matter  can be resolved. Sagaskie, who still owes $50,000 on the couple's  double-wide, said it would cost her about $20,000 to move the trailer.  That's money most of the people in the park simply don't have.

Meanwhile, while the cost of moving her home remains a problem, Sagaskie  is beaming at Bird's offer to move its contents. "I really didn't know  people like him existed anymore," she said. "He's the light we were  looking for." Bird said he only has one request, and that's to ask  people in the trailer park to have their stuff packed and ready to go  when he and his men arrive.   
(250) 383-5376 (Victoria BC)
(250) 743-3733 (Duncan / Mill Bay / Cowichan Valley BC)
Email: islandmoving@shaw.ca       

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